6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Hi-Cube

You have a choice where you can take your business. The team working at Hi-Cube knows this, and it's the reason why we go beyond just selling you racking, equipment or furniture for your facilities. As humans, we all have a different understanding of value so at Hi-Cube, our customer's unique perceived value is our reality.

Here's a list of 6 ways we deliver your vision of value:

1. Variety of Products

No other supplier is able to offer the same wide range of storage solutions that we offer our customers.
Most of our projects are won because we provide the advantage of dealing with one single supplier. You benefit from having Hi-Cube team members providing clearer lines of communication, experienced project coordination, keeping a watchful eye on saving time and bundling prices so your budget requirements can be accommodated.

Hi-Cube can offer you solutions for your warehouse and distribution space, loading bays and workstations to your office desks, reception area furniture, storage and archive areas and other public zones.

2. Experts in the Industry

Hi-Cube has many employees that have been with the company for over 10 years, giving you an incredible depth of knowledge and experience that you can draw from. The owner has 35+ years of experience himself, and it helps Hi-Cube maintain its steady connection to new concepts and processes along with the continuity of being aligned with the leading suppliers and manufacturers of storage solutions.

We understand this business very well, and we share our insight so that our customers can save both their money and time when looking for the best solution.

3. A Complete Service Solution

Hi-Cube assists with every aspect of your project, from the permit process, engineering documentation, getting the proper paperwork going, set-up, project coordination, installation and the safety check of your storage solution.

We go beyond selling what we have in inventory. Hi-Cube associates evaluate all potential solutions including liaising with new distributors to find the best one that's ideal for your storage challenge, because no one product is right for every customer.

4. Our Reputation

70% of our business comes from existing or referred clientele. We want to give you the best solution and experience possible, so when a customer comes back for another purchase, or refers a contact of theirs to Hi-Cube, we look at it as a sign that we're doing things right.

Providing your company with the most value, going that extra step and making sure that the solution we have designed is right for you, that is why we're in business. Our reputation means the world to us: if it is not right we will make it right.

5. Depth of Industries Serviced

Throughout our four decades in business Hi-Cube has worked with over 6,000 companies from a variety of industries: healthcare, education, manufacturing, libraries, museums, law enforcement, designers and many others.

Because of our flexibility and depth of experience, we can offer you the insight and strategy that will assist you in picking the best solution for your present and future growth plans. Assigning a specialist for your specific product or market, utilizing their past experiences, and working with your space and budget, Hi-Cube will find the answer that delivers the most value for you.

6. Not Too Big, Not Too Small

Size does matter. We believe that Hi-Cube has grown to the right size to ensure there will always be someone available to help you, but small enough that you will have a personal relationship with the team members that work with your organization.

Having a strong personal relationship with you is a great way to learn more detail about your business, your challenges, your perceived value and your goals. Let's start a discussion that will put you on the road to solving your immediate problems.

Are you ready? We are. Contact Hi-Cube Storage Products and let us show you how we can help!

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