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Having secure locker storage space is highly important to your people and your organization. Your employees want to have peace of mind knowing that their own personal effects are securely stowed and accessible when they need to be reached. As well, your needs for security and safeguarding valuable evidence, goods or company property must also be addressed.

Hi-Cube Storage Products can recommend several options based on your specific needs. For example, if securing dangerous items or critical evidence is of importance (such as for law enforcement or border patrol organizations), one of the solutions offered by Spacesaver will likely be in order. Spacesaver builds secure storage units that can be placed in areas where space is at a premium. Up to 35 different configurations can be created, with all of them available to record who accesses the lockers. As well, refrigerated storage systems are also available.

Security shutters are another alternative that you may be considering. These roll-up metal doors can keep unwanted trespassers out of a collection of expensive equipment, valuable computers, parts and records. They disappear out of sight when your business is working during normal operating hours and are lightweight so any employee can open and close them. Installation is also something that Hi-Cube can take care of for you.

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DSM Evidence Lockers

DSM Evidence Lockers

Evidence must be maintained in a secure chain of custody with no unauthorized access.

Audited evidence storage is computer-controlled for unattended access at any time of day or night. On-line monitoring ensures that the chain of custody is maintained. We can design these storage lockers in more than 35 different configurations to meet your evidence storage needs.

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gun locker and weapon storage

Gun locker & Weapon Storage

Space-efficient gun lockers are available as stand-alone units or lockers can be incorporated into HDMS systems. A complete armory storage room can be designed for maximum security. The UWR storage system offers maximum flexibility for secure weapons storage while allowing rapid access to controlled weapons by authorized personnel.

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Police storage lockers

Police Storage Lockers

Law enforcement, laboratory and court personnel also require high security personal storage lockers. Police lockers are manufactured with heavy-gauge steel construction for durability and security. A variety of configurations are available to meet your requirements, system designs also include solutions for correctional facilities. Additional option choices offer ventilation and bench seating.

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security lockets

Security Shutters

When you lock up at the end of the day, do you worry about the security of the product and information in your warehouse or front office?

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