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Selective Pallet Rack Systems Offer Easier Access

Selective pallet rack systems offer direct access to your product at all times. Because every pallet is accessible, these systems allow for storage and retrieval of each pallet without moving others.

From small warehouses to major high-rise distribution centres, the storage professionals at Hi-Cube Storage Products can design an efficient, cost-effective warehouse rack system to meet your exact needs. Our pre-engineered selective pallet rack systems are an ideal storage solution for distribution centres or all sizes, retail store inventory rooms, cold storage, and wholesale applications.

A Highly Customizable, High-Density Storage Solution

Imagine doubling your facility’s storage capacity without adding any square footage. Does it sound too good to be true? It’s more than possible with a selective structural rack. Stocking vertically as well as horizontally maximizes available floor space and utilizes otherwise wasted "dead air” space.

The two basic components—beams and frames—of selective mobile rack systems are available in a variety of lengths and sizes to suit your specific storage needs. Aisles and components can be sized to suit existing forklifts. And since no tools or fittings are required to assemble the components, you can easily reconfigure or expand the high-density storage rack system at any time to adapt it to your changing needs.

Superior Strength

Our pre-engineered selective rack systems use a unique six-point connection to provide increased strength, capacity, and rigidity. The six-point connection assembles and adjusts easily, no nuts and bolts required!

Our selective ready rack systems have frame capacities ranging from 20,000 lb up to 100,000 lb. Beams are available with the interlocked box design or built-in step. A full selection of accessories is also available, including row and wall spacers, wire decking, rack guards, rolling ladders, and guard rails.

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One of Hi-Cube's mission is to educate you about the many available shelving/racking options; with that in mind, we have created a single-page Ordering Guide that will help you understand the information you will need when ready to purchase.

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