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Meeting the storage needs of hospitals and medical service providers requires a unique and specialized approach. Materials must be kept sterile and personnel need quick access to the correct items quickly. CoreSTOR by Spacersaver offers a solution that maximizes storage space with flexible options.

Quick Accessibility

The design of the CoreSTOR system gives care providers quick access to needed supplies, organized in each patient or examination room. The pullout system allows for full visibility of all contents while easily sliding back into place when not in use. Valuable floor space is not compromised and supplies are kept clean.

Restocking the supplies is just as easy an efficient. The system can be accessed from outside the room allowing contents to be added without disturbing a patient or an examination in process.

Improved Efficiency

Nursing personnel and health care providers do not need to spend valuable time locating the supplies needed to provide patient care. Each system can be designed to meet the needs of the individual room and patient needs. Frequently used items including dressings, gowns, towels and linens are easily stored in upper shelf areas. Medications can also be securely stored and ready for use when needed.

In addition to adding efficiency, the CoreSTOR system can reduce the potential for cross-contamination of supplies and waste. All exposed supplies can become contaminated. With restocking access from the outside of a room, only the items in each individual room can be exposed to an outbreak.

Less waste is also noticeable as care providers do not need to take more of any items needed to reduce supply trips. When personnel must travel to a central station for towels, linens or dressings, they frequently take more than they currently need to reduce repeated trips. These extra supplies are often forgotten and then thrown out due to potential exposure to contaminants.

Facility studies have shown that this type of approach can reduce operating costs and improve patient satisfaction rates. Personnel spend less time locating supplies and more time is dedicated to the patient. The CoreSTOR storage system is available is materials and colors to match your current room designs.

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