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Dave L.

Are you aware that the average temperature in Alberta in January is -7 degrees? (Yes, that's 7 C degrees below zero.) Brrrrr... and if you're wondering what it's like to live somewhere that cold, just ask Dave Langs. Dave has recently moved to B.C. with it's more temperate temperatures and he is currently adjusting, so don't be alarmed if you see him wearing shorts in the middle of January. Dave also made the switch from Alberta to BC to be closer to his kids. When he's not spending time with family, you can find Dave out on the links, where he loves to play and teach golf. But when you get past the shorts-in-inappropriate-weather thing, what really stands out about Dave is his genuine interest in helping others. In addition, Dave brings more than 15 years in sales and customer service, as well as experience as a machinist and as a cabinet maker who ran his own shop.

Cell: 604-835-5077 or

Dave W.

While some people complain about the fact that Kelowna only has two seasons – ski season and golf season – that's exactly why Dave loves it so much. When this Alberta native isn't expounding fluently on his favorite topic, the myriad and profound differences between shelving and racking –! -- he's hitting the slopes in style. If you can catch Dave not on skis,be sure to bring him all your pressing questions - you know, the ones that keep you up at night -- about shelving, racking, work stations and even mezzanines, he for sure will have an answer…

For over 15 years, Dave has managed many storage projects for libraries in the interior. His approachable personality has gained him the trust of many customers.

Cell: 250-870-3836 or



Greg Hubbert Cell: 604-862-6788 and Walter Snyder Cell: 604-308-4719 took over Paul's accounts since his retirement.

Before joining the Hi-Cube team in 1998, Paul's greatest claim to fame was growing up in the same hometown as The Great One himself, Mr. Gretzky! The two both hail from Brantford in Southern Ontario. When Paul isn't out on the ice racking up penalties, he's cultivating his love for sports photography, a hobby that will take him all the way to Beijing in 2014.

Hi-Cube thanks Paul for his years of service and splendid support to customers. We will sure miss you!


Welcome back Bruce!. He is currently overseeing major projects for Hi-Cube.

When it comes to golf, Bruce is not messing around: He's got a handicap of 13 and he's not afraid to let you know it. However, like the angler who always seems to catch that record-breaking fish when no one else is around -- sadly, it somehow always seems to slip off the hook! -- some speculate that perhaps this impressive handicap is actually due to all of those "birdies" and "eagles" he gets when no one's looking. Not that we're implying anything. When Bruce isn't out taking mulligans hitting aces, he loves to travel to faraway destinations and try new cycling routes.

Cell: 604-946-4838 or




Walter knows a thing or two about rejection; after all, he started his direct-sales company, sometimes working as a door-to-door salesman peddling software to university students. While this career path necessitated avoiding attending any performances of "Death of a Salesman," it also taught him the importance of positive thinking and resilience, both traits that he definitely applies in both his personal and professional life -- especially when it comes to his golf game. (Never give up, Walter. You'll get better someday.) And speaking of his professional life, we all know Walter's in the office when we hear his "melodic" songs and whistled tunes floating through the air.

Walter's persistence to get the best price and solution for his customers has made him successful. You will notice his innate enthusiasm to help, as soon as you talk to him.

Cell: 604-308-4719 or


Scott describes himself as "incredibly modest," and we can't help but agree. But being so humble all the time has got to be a burden; really, you can't blame Scott for wanting to brag just a tiny bit about his appearances on TV series known for their complex and thoughtful plot lines, ground-breaking social commentary, and award-winning casting. Of course, we're talking about the 1980s hits "MacGuyver," "21 Jump Street" and "Neon Rider," in which Scott guest-starred alongside luminaries of the stage and screen including de Niro, Pacino, Heston and Hasselhoff.

Scott: His dream of becoming the "go-to-guy” for storage solutions has helped him acquire big customers such as TransLink, Museum of Vancouver, St. Mary's hospital and RCMP.

Cell: 604-835-50-80 or


If you ever step into the elevator and find a guy who's frozen in warrior pose the whole way up, don't panic... it's just Gerry, Hi-Cube's resident yogi and all-around happy thoughts guru. When he's not practicing his morning Sun Salutations, getting ready to enjoy another day engaged in his favorite activity -- talking to people -- you'll find Gerry indulging in his other favorite activity, travel. His work for Hi-Cube involves travel to Vancouver Island, so if you need any travel tips, Gerry's your man. He's (literally) traveled to every single part of B.C.

Gerry: Over 15 years of experience advising customers on the best way to store items. His territory is Vancouver island.

Cell: 604-835-50-78 or



It's Saturday morning: Guess where Steve is? That's right, he's parked at the local Tim Horton's enjoying that weekend morning cup of joe -- and perhaps a donut or three. When Steve isn't enjoying his weekly dose of Tim Bits, he's probably either playing with his daughter -- er, I mean golden retriever -- or taking a strenuous mountain bike ride in an effort to work off those Saturday morning donuts. Of course, if it was up to Steve, he'd just be taking it easy beside the pool with a Corona in one hand and a plate of super nachos in the other.

Steve: Industrial storage expert that has been with the company since inception. You have a question, concern or doubt about storage solutions? He will have the answer for you!

Cell: 604-835-5081 or


One of the first things you would notice about Adam is his booming voice.
In his spare time, he uses this tool to fuel his passion as an announcer for combat sports events such as boxing and MMA.
Having been very successful in sales and entrepreneurship, he also has experience in the oil & gas industry, making for a unique approach and can-do attitude towards his job.
Not afraid to get his hands dirty, this New Brunswick-born giant will take the time to understand exactly what you need, and work tirelessly to make it happen.
He believes strongly in living a life of Kaizen: Continual, Never-Ending Improvement. Adam loves living in Port Coquitlam with his wife Rebecca.

Adam is now representing the Rousseau Products.




Our favorite part about bringing Paolo onto our team was his enthusiasm and extremely competitive nature. We were excited to see how he'd motivate our team. Turns out, he first did that by challenging everyone to a basketball competition. He won. Show-off! Paolo isn't just an all-around sports champ, he also loves volunteering in the community, at his local church and for the Children's Hospital. He currently coaches high school teams (no doubt leading them to crushing victory) - and the biggest victory of all for Paolo? He and his wife are expecting their first child, a girl, in April. Congratulations to Paolo and his soon to be little champion!

Cell: 604-835-5114 or

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