Lions Gate Hospital Pharmacy

Case Study

Lions Gate Hospital Pharmacy (Vancouver Coastal Health) in North Vancouver is a great example of how Hi-Cube Storage Products is a one stop solution to solve unique space issues. Continuous growth and change in a space that was not originally designed for pharmacy were the department’s obstacles, explained Ken McGregor, Pharmacy Distribution Coordinator. Increases in stock, people and equipment as well as continuous changes to packaging and procedures escalated the requirements for additional space and flexibility.

5 different product solutions, all designed, supplied and installed by Hi-Cube Storage Products provides the most efficient use of this space.

  • 3 back to back carriages of Spacesaver mobile shelving
  • 3 runs of Rousseau Spider® shelving
  • 18 foot run of Spacesaver FrameWRX shelving with work surface. – Its shelves, bins, pegs, work surfaces and EZ Rail™ element can all be rearranged on demand, without tools or fasteners.
  • Data entry desk constructed from Steel Solutions modular casework
  • Designed for the rugged demands of 24/7 use in the healthcare environment. This modular casework has the look and feel of fixed casework, but is completely modular and reconfigurable.
  • Antimicrobial, ergonomic chairs and lab stools from the Sittris line of healthcare seating.

The project results were:

  • Existing stock was fit into a smaller space
  • Single storage location – additional inventory was moved in from other areas for more convenient access
  • Developed by the users:
    • Specific space has been allocated for specific functions therefore increasing efficiency.
    • Installers collaborated on site and able to adjust shelving as installation proceeded.
  • Easy access to high use items with the end sorter units.
  • The flexibility of our solutions enables the pharmacy to easily adapt and update as often as needs change.

Additional results realized:

  • Manufacturing/packaging work area holds all stock required and is ergonomic for the task.
  • Computer entry area and it!s seating became ergonomic, less cause for repetitive strain injury
  • 2 extra runs of shelving for future growth

Now that… is Storage Solved