Primex Greg

Case Study

Flow rail, ideal for two storage solutions.

For months, the Primex location on 92A Avenue in Langley, B.C. struggled with limited warehouse space. Due to growth, the pressure to store machinery parts in the manufacturing sector had become critical. The primary issue centered on the aging, wooden mezzanine. Too much of the given footprint was allocated to inefficient hand-pick storage.

Greg Hubbert, Storage expert from Hi-Cube, met with Mr. Campbell and his team on several occasions prior to the installation in order to clearly understand the problem. Once the appropriate storage solution and design was identified, Greg met with Primex management and end users to explain and demonstrate the proper usage of the new storage solution.

One of the greatest challenges with this project was limited floor space, measuring just 61-ft x 25-ft. Greg suggested a Flow Rail storage system because the lanes are perfectly horizontal, meaning the system doesn’t require as much vertical space as other popular storage systems. This solution actually combined two storage types: high-density pallet (above) and hand-picking (below).

At the end, HiCube provided overhead storage of 159 pallets and the users’ ability to hand-store items below. It’s like putting 159 standard pallets and 1,500 sq.ft. of shelf storage into a space the size of two squash courts!.

Flow Rail: This system combines the flexibility of push-back with the density of drive-in systems. It allows to stock up to 10 pallets in the same lane and mix different SKUs in the same bay.

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