Great storage solution for Aviation with Rousseau cabinets

Already a leader in the automotive industry, Rousseau cabinets provide elegant and functional workstations and storage solutions for the aviation community as well. These heavy duty tool cabinet units can easily be configured to optimize any hangar layout and maximize the space available for working on aircraft. In addition, mobile storage cabinets further enhance productivity by increasing access to plane-side maintenance on the flightline.
Rousseau cabinets that benefit aviation maintenance professionals include both stationary and mobile tool boxes, heavy duty cabinets, specialized storage, workstations and shelving that can be configured to meet specific needs.

Consider the advantages of these aviation maintenance solutions more closely:

Stationary and Mobile Toolboxes

Rousseau can configure both stationary and mobile toolboxes to efficiently organize tools and make tool inventory a snap. Never worry about leaving a tool in the wrong place again, — one look inside the toolbox confirms that everything is accounted for.

In addition, mobile toolboxes make it easy to work plane-side on an aircraft that has only a minor problem. Avoid costly delays associated with towing or taxiing the aircraft to the maintenance hangar if all that’s needed is a new tire or battery.

Heavy Duty Cabinets and Specialized Storage

Rousseau makes every kind of storage cabinet imaginable, including ones certified to store flammable materials and corrosive products used by the aviation maintenance industry, such as oil, hydraulic fluid, solvents, paints and cleaning products.


Workstations are available in various configurations for both general and specialized use. For example, set up one workstation for messy brakes and tires and another that stays clean for electrical equipment. Also available are mobile workstations to increase flightline access and ergonomic seating to ensure employee health.


Rousseau can also configure a wide variety of shelves to meet specific storage needs, such as aircraft tires, avionics equipment, and small parts such as gaskets, screws, bolts, nuts, and electrical connectors. Mix and match shelves to keep parts organized and close to the action instead of hiding them in a back room.

The Perfect Hangar

As a proud distributor of Rousseau cabinets, Hi-Cube provides storage solutions in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the surrounding area. In particular, we specialize in designing and installing workspaces to increase efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

Call today to see how we can outfit the perfect hangar for aviation maintenance that is both visually appealing and functional.

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