Green Storage Solutions in BC

Before the green movement ever began, Hi-Cube knew about our responsibility to make the planet a better place to live. Since opening in 1980, we’ve provided our customers with high-quality products. Even though quality is our top priority, Hi-Cube has always cared about our impact on the environment. We strive to preserve our planet for future generations. We don’t just provide storage solutions; we help you work green.

How does Hi-Cube reduces waste in the storage solutions industry?

  • Recycles steel—in the last 15 years, we’ve recovered enough to build 700 Hyundai Accents!
  • Reuses materials—we’ve saved our clients money by purchasing back 7,794,000 lbs of steel from their existing pallet racks and shelving.
  • Reduces emissions—all sales staff drive hybrid cars and our service vans include the most efficient engines and transmissions to improve fuel economy. Plus, our SMART car only uses 6L of fuel per 100 km.
  • Updates technology—we now offer online catalogues and USBs in order to reduce the number of printed versions.
  • Partners with green suppliers—we are proud to supply products from environmentally friendly companies such as Spacesaver, Rousseau and Hänel.

At Hi-Cube Storage Solutions, we continue to implement new processes to protect our planet’s natural resources. We also support the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Green Building Rating System because we know our clients also value sustainability.


Spacesaver creates products that inspire smarter, more responsible uses of space. As their product line has evolved and their presence expanded, so has their commitment to sustainable design. Today they offer mobile shelving options manufactured with 30% less steel, and local support from storage experts that understand how to develop storage solutions that balance end-user needs with sustainability goals.

Spacesaver’s storage solutions:

  • Contain an average of 75% recycled steel
  • Can be constructed using an optional NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde) particleboard
  • Integrate alternative materials such as acrylic and glass
  • Can be reconfigured, reused, and relocated in order to prevent disposal before the end of the product’s useful life

Spacesaver recently achieved GREENGUARD® Certification for a variety of products to support the mission of improving human health and quality of life by enhancing indoor air quality.  Learn more about Spacesaver’s environmental policy here.


Rousseau is aware of the importance of the quality of our environment. It is therefore proud to take part in obtaining the points required for LEED® certification through its storage products such as its shelving, modular cabinets, workstations and others. Rousseau products can contribute to the gathering of points.

  • Maximize your floor layout and save space with our Rousseau drawers in shelving, modular cabinets, two level shelving system. The Rousseau products have been designed for high density storage—a large quantity of items in a little space.
  • The total recycled content of the steel used for our products is 58%. This includes post consumer content of 20%, the pre-consumer or post consumer sum of 25% and the balance corresponding to the internal scrap of our supplier.
  • All their paintings are cooked at high temperature in an industrial convection oven. So, for powder coatings it eliminates completely the emission of VOCs and for their liquid paints, it retains only a small part that disappears with time.

Learn more about Rousseau’s environmental sustainability here.


Energy-efficient systems are the key to lowering energy consumption in your warehouse. The effective energy consumption of automated material and file handling systems has a major impact on operating costs, amortization and not least on environmental protection. For this reason, Hänel has always placed great emphasis on continually optimizing the energy efficiency of their storage systems.

The efficient design principle:

  • Hänel Lean-Lift®—Hänel Lean-Lift® stores all items in height-optimized positions, which ensures extremely compact storage in a minimum of space. This optimal use of storage area inevitably results in energy savings.
  • Hänel Rotomat®—The vertical carousel principle of the Hänel Rotomat® is energy-efficient in its very design. Using the Hänel EcoLoad® system makes sure the weight distribution inside the Rotomats® is balanced out. As a result of this, very little energy is required for a rotation or travel movement. And of course the unit always picks the shortest route automatically.

Learn more about Hänel’s EcoConcept here