Hi-Cube, proud sponsor at the MOV dinner in Vancouver B.C.

Hi-Cube Storage Products, Ltd was a proud sponsor at the MOV dinner, held October 10th 2012. This ceremony honours individuals who have helped transform the city of Vancouver, B.C.

Larry Robertson and Jo-Ann Horsting; owners of Hi-Cube Storage Products were present during the delivery of the Awards; The Museum of Vancouver City Legacy Award was given to Fei and Milton Wong for demonstrating a vision for the long-term needs of Vancouver as innovative, sustainable and inclusive city and the MOV Emerging Visionary Award went to Architect Robert Fung for his recent transformation to Gastown.

“It was a pleasure to participate in this ceremony. The people that has helped to build a city that is ranked as world’s most liveable cities deserves great recognition”, said Mr. Robertson President of Hi-Cube Storage Products Ltd.

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