How to maximize your storage with your current shelving system

During my daily meetings with aviation and auto part dealers, I am often asked how to increase capacity on their existing shelving system without breaking the bank.
I have a solution to help maximize your storage solution of spare parts and accessories without having to purchase additional shelving system.

As storage expert, I recommend incorporating drawer systems in conjunction with your existing shelving system.
This allows you to do two things simultaneously.

1) You can make better use of your space by increasing the density of your storage shelving system.
2) You can make what you need more easily accessible.

We proudly represent Rousseau, whose  storage drawer systems fit most shelving systems in the market.

Why choose Rousseau drawers?

  • More efficiency. Larger parts and items are easily visible, your smaller items will fit nicely into drawers that you easily access. Rousseau eliminates the instances of your top and bottom shelves being under-utilized.  With your smaller items now housed in your drawers, your larger items can be placed on top and bottom for easier access.
  • Better organization.  Group like items – especially pieces that are often needed together in pairs or multiples – together for storage. Assign your most used or needed items to easy access areas, and your employees will quickly memorize their locations.
  • The best weight rating. Rousseau has a 400-lb. weight limit per drawer – tested to 15,000 cycles – the highest weight rating of any available drawers for shelving systems. You can store pretty much everything in neat, orderly fashion with easy access.
  • Increased productivityRousseau drawers help your employees do their jobs better – and faster. No more rummaging around on shelves or pallets, or criss-crossing the floor looking for needed materials.
  • Inventory control. You will be able to easily determine what you have as well as what needs to be restocked as you will no longer have to hunt down your product.

Installing your drawers

Rousseau drawers are customizable to your needs and easy to install with no special hardware needed. Install a few brackets and rails and your drawers slide right in. They just hook on to your existing shelving system.

Out-of-the-box storage solutions

You have more storage choices now than ever, and the Rousseau system is just one option to maximize your space.

Rousseau drawers can be installed in over 35 brands of shelving. Call me to find out if your shelving fits this option.  Paul Lengyell 604-835-5007