Narcotics Evidence Lockers for Secure Drug Evidence Storage

The Narcotics Evidence Locker from Spacesaver is perfectly designed for small police department’s drug evidence collection and storage needs. These units follow the best practices of the International Association for Property and Evidence (IAPE) in terms of being a separate locker from general long-term evidence, enhanced security, and proper ventilation. As an added bonus, they don’t take up too much space so you can add more if necessary or have just the one unit depending on your department’s needs.

What Makes a Narcotics Evidence Locker Better?

To properly differentiate a Narcotics Evidence Locker from a standard evidence locker, there are, of course, the recommended best practices from the IAPE mentioned above, as well as the following:

Clean Air for Your Comfort

Spacesaver’s Narcotics Evidence Lockers have louvered vents, recessed interior accessories, and the ability to be connected to an HVAC system. They are designed to reduce and eliminate odors from the narcotics as well as improve the air quality of the surrounding environment, thereby reducing safety hazards for evidence technicians and other personnel needing to access the storage.

Flexible for Your Needs

You can configure the Narcotics Evidence Locker to fit your needs with various accessories such as interior rails, full-width shelves and side lances, and drawers. These lockers are highly flexible in order to adapt and change as your evidence inventory grows.

Secure for Your Peace of Mind

The Narcotics Evidence Locker is designed for durability and security. The all-steel construction pairs with a variety of lock options including padlock hasp, key lock, combination lock, or 10-pin digital lock to keep your collection safe and secure.

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