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Custom Modular Shelving and Drawers

Rousseau products are famous for their quality, durability, and versatility. Their customizable modular drawers will optimize existing space and make your warehouse run more efficiently. With the wide range of sizes available, the storage professionals at Hi-Cube Storage Products can install customized Rousseau modular drawers in almost any configuration to meet all your warehouse storage needs: tools, parts, supplies, and other equipment.

How The System Works:

Rousseau drawers assemble easily and quickly. Because of their hook-on design, they can be installed in over 35 brands of shelving, such as E-Z-Rect, Metalware, Spacesaver, and of course, Rousseau. Rousseau storage cabinets come in stationary and mobile models, giving you even more options!

Some of the benefits of modular drawer cabinets are

  • Durable – Rousseau modular drawers have a capacity of up to 400lb each and have been tested to 15,000 pulls. They are known as the most durable drawers on the market and come with a lifetime warranty on the rolling mechanism. These drawers can stand up to the toughest warehouse use imaginable.
  • Customizable and Flexible – Design the ideal storage system for your needs and reconfigure it as needed. With several drawer heights and widths and various drawer accessories, it’s easy to design the ideal storage system for your warehouse.
  • Functional and Secure – Make the most efficient use of your valuable space with easy-to-organize, lockable drawers.

“The Rousseau workbench/stations are the best quality we have found in the market (heavy duty, professional looking, custom to our application to name a few). Could not be happier with the overall look of our new shop floor and the new found space that the Rousseau system has provided. I truly look forward to the next project with Hi-Cube Storage” Adam Turner, General Manager at MEI

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