SPACESAVER Storage Bins & Shelves – Frame WRX Storage System

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An image of a Spacesaver frame WRX storage system featuring a spacious metal rack containing multiple baskets.

Hi-Cube Storage Products has been a distributor of Spacesaver products for 20 years. With the FrameWRX storage system from Spacesaver, you get the exact storage you need. Where, when and how you want it. Now and into the future. Highly customizable and easily relocated, the unique design of this system means it freely adapts to meet your changing needs

Adaptable and Reconfigurable

Extremely easy to install and reconfigure, the FrameWRX™ storage system will optimize your existing space and make your warehouse, pharmacy or any workplace run more efficiently. Rolling shelves, bins, and pegs can be added or removed, or the whole system can be taken down, moved, and quickly reinstalled in another area as needed—no tools or fasteners required!

More Flexibility: WRX Wheels™

The WRX Wheels™ transport system efficiently transports the tools and supplies that you use most often to the locations where you need them. Customize a WRX Wheels™ system to fit the items that you use most today and easily reconfigure the system to meet your needs tomorrow. The WRX Wheels™ transport system moves maximum material every trip, so valuable personnel spend more time doing work that matters, and you save money!

More Capacity: FrameWRX HD™

The FrameWRX HD™ (high density) system increases storage capacity by compressing two rows of storage into one deeper space, essentially saving an aisle. The FrameWRX HD™ system provides better visibility and accessibility than traditional high-density storage systems. It also has a built-in, proprietary smooth-stopping device, protecting the system’s contents.

All the Accessories and Components You Need

Thanks to the innovative EZ Rail element, the FrameWRX™ storage system can accommodate a number of accessories, including bins, peg-board hooks, and slat-wall accessories, to help you organize your warehouse for maximum capacity and efficiency.

FrameWRX™ is available in 20 standard durable, electrostatically applied powder coat colours. Custom colours are also available to suit any decor.

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Want to learn more about the FrameWRX® storage system? Download the info sheet. If you find that you still have questions or would like some advice, feel free to contact us at Hi-Cube for assistance.

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