Work Stations

Customizable Warehouse Production Equipment

From basic and stationary to mobile and adjustable, Rousseau industrial workstations are everything you need them to be, and more! With a variety of layouts and accessories to choose from, the professionals at Hi-Cube Storage Products can help you customize all kinds of workstations throughout your warehouse. Whether you need industrial, computer, or office workstations, we can ensure they are completely ergonomic and totally functional.

Completely Customizable, Amazingly Versatile

With multiple options for shelving, drawers, and cabinets, Rousseau workcenters are highly customizable, enabling your team to work efficiently. Because you can add, remove, or reconfigure the pieces at any time, Rousseau workstations will adapt as your facility evolves and expands.

All Rousseau products come in your choice of 20 vibrant colours to suit any taste. There are several options for workstation surfaces: painted steel, stainless steel, laminated wood, wood composite, laminate and dissipative plastic. Their durable components make them ideal for industrial applications, while their attractive design fits perfectly in any environment.

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