Push Back Racks

Efficient Racking Solutions for Warehouse Environments

Pushback pallet rack systems offer high density storage with great versatility. Each lane flows independently to accommodate multiple products per bay. In a low profile pushback system, the nesting cart design has a lower stacked height, allowing for extra lift off clearance. It may even allow for an extra storage level.

When you are ready to get started designing your pushback pallet rack system, let the experts at Hi-Cube Storage Products lend their advice and expertise. Whether you’re looking for a solution for a small space, or simply looking to maximize an already large warehouse, we have the racking system for you. When you need an efficient and cost-effective pushback racking system, look to Hi-Cube for the best solution.  

How the system works:

Operating on a last-in first-out principle per lane, the pushback pallet rack system allows for multiple pallets—ideally 2 to 6—to be stored on a gravity-fed cart system, allowing you to retrieve all pallets from the aisle. These rack systems are typically installed against a wall or in back-to-back rows and are easily adaptable to prevent building columns from interfering with the packing aisles. 

Some of the benefits of the pushback pallet rack systems are:

  • Offers higher density storage over selective racking.
  • Height is only restricted by the lift truck’s maximum lift height.
  • Faster retrieval time as lift trucks do not have to travel down tunnels or secondary aisles.
  • No special forklifts required.
  • Pushback lanes can be retrofitted from existing selective or drive-in racks.

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