E-Z Rect Shelving

Warehouse Shelving for Industrial Environments

E-Z Rect Racking & Storage Products in Vancouver

Hi-Cube Storage Products has distributed E-Z-Rect boltless shelving in Vancouver for over 25 years. Hi-Cube maintains a large inventory of E-Z-Rect to provide quick delivery. The E-Z-Rect system is known for its ease of assembly and adjustability, using a sturdy steel framework that supports both wooden and steel shelf decks.

Versatile Storage System

E-Z-Rect uses a boltless configuration to create shelving systems that provide economical and efficient high-density storage. The unique design is fully adjustable and accessible from both sides.

This completely customizable system is perfect for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, from simple 6-foot high product and supply shelving to order picking systems as high as 22 feet. A choice of 12” deep up to 48” deep and 36” wide up to 96” wide offers many design options to solve your storage problems.

Increase Productivity – High-density storage provides maximum utilization of the cubic area thereby increasing efficiency by reducing the distance travelled to perform the storage and retrieval function. Hi-Cube recommends E-Z-Rect shelving in a wide variety of uses for both commercial and industrial applications. E-Z-Rect shelving is used in support of each material handling function associated with receiving, production, storage, order picking and for the retail sector – stockroom storage and merchandise display.

To determine which system you need, identify what items you need to store, and your required load capacity.

E-Z Rect distributes two main systems:

1) E-Z Rect Trim-line shelving: White/Cream colour, better aesthetics, up to 7000 lbs. capacity (3,175 kg), ideal for showrooms or to store banker boxes.
2) E-Z Rect Type 1 shelving: Blue/Gray colour, ideal for heavier loads or warehouses – load capability up to 10,000 (4,545 kg)

Check out the breakdown of parts and the difference between the two EZ Rect Systems here.

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