Rousseau Shelving System

Adjustable Shelving Solutions

Durable and Secure

Rousseau is known for making the most durable storage
products on the market. For example, their metal modular storage cabinets have a capacity of 400 lb per drawer, have been tested to 15,000 pulls, and come with a lifetime warranty on the rolling mechanism. These products are designed for use in hostile environments and can stand up to the toughest use imaginable.

There are also a number of security options available (drawer locks, central locking systems, and vertical security bars) to help ensure that items are well protected.

The Ultimate Storage Solution

What can’t Rousseau metal storage systems do? These products are incredibly customizable, versatile, and functional.

Rousseau products are famous for their quality, durability, and versatility. Their wide selection of industrial metal shelving, mini-racking systems, modular storage cabinets and drawers, work centres and accessories, will optimize your existing space, organize your museum objects, supplies, and archives, and make your business run more efficiently.

Complete Customization, Amazing Versatility

The Rousseau brand is synonymous with customization. With the wide range of products and various sizes available, the storage professionals at Hi-Cube Storage Products can design a Rousseau storage system in almost any configuration to meet your exact needs.

Their most popular products include:

  • Modular metal storage cabinets (with or without drawers; stationary or mobile)
  • Mobile tool storage carts
  • NC Tool storage systems
  • Multi-purpose stands (stationary or mobile)
  • Industrial workbenches and tables, customized with over 200 components
  • Small, medium, and large part/supply storage systems
  • Multi-level shelving systems
  • Mini-racking systems for bulk storage, including the Spider® System

Because you can add, remove, or reconfigure the pieces at any time, Rousseau storage systems will adapt as your facility evolves and expands.

All Rousseau products come in your choice of 13 vibrant colours to give your facility a modern and attractive look.

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