How to store your Thanksgiving decoration

Holiday decorating is something that businesses can enjoy just as much as families. Whether  your business is open to the public or private, decorating helps your employees enjoy the holiday season. Difficulty in accessing and storing decorations takes away from the enjoyment. These tips can be used by both businesses and individuals to make decorating easier.

Easy Access to Your Thanksgiving Decorations

Keep all of your Thanksgiving decorations stored in one location. Having items spread out makes them difficult to find. You could end up purchasing duplicates if you cannot locate what you want.
Label your storage containers with the total contents. By having a well-indexed list, you can find individual items without rooting through every container or cubby. Depending on the size of your facility, you can store similar pieces in each container or store pieces by the areas they are used in.
Hi-Cube offers several different types of easy storage solutions that you can use for decorations. Freestyle Storage Lockers are an excellent choice if you only use a smaller amount of Thanksgiving decorations. These lockers are custom designable, you can choose shelvingdrawers or bins in the size you need. Hanging space is also available.
Modular Cabinets are another excellent option. You can even choose units on wheels to roll away when you are done using the items for the season. Modular Drawers can be built into your existing racking system to provide you with safe storage without major changes.

Thanksgiving Storage Tips

Thanksgiving decorations need to be stored away from dust and moisture to ensure longevity. This is especially true for cornucopias, wreaths and dried corn, wheat grass or hay stalks. Do not store food or garden items that will deteriorate or become moldy. Fully dry corncobs and gourds will last. Take the time to package delicate items carefully. It is frustrating to begin your next holiday decorating season with broken or damaged pieces.
When you go to put decorations away after the holiday, separate any items that need repair or replacement. If you do not have time for repairs immediately, store these items in a newly labeled container. That way when you do have time, you can quickly locate damaged decorations.

A Message of Thanksgiving to our Customers:

A special greeting of Thanksgiving to express to you our sincere appreciation for your confidence and loyalty.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Hi-Cube team!