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Staying at the forefront of the market means being able to embrace the changing conditions with preparedness and efficiency. Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS) provide inventory accuracy, reduce costs and make the best use of the warehouse storage space you already have.
  • Automated systems mean better, more accurate inventory control and fewer physical inventory inspections.
  • Cut down on building costs by utilizing the ‘dead air’ space already in your warehouse.
  • Enhance security, customer service and product protection.
  • Get a calculated ROI date from Hi-Cube to better understand the value of your investment.
Warehouse managers continually strive to maximize their empty space, increasing the value for empty areas of their facility thought unusable. Recent advances in automated storage and retrieval systems, especially in the developing field of intralogistics, have given managers new solutions that make the most of this space, as well as increase the efficiency of their production workers.



Hänel’s ASRS Technology

Hi-Cube exclusively distributes Hänel’s Automated Storage Systems, because Hänel has been among the world’s leading providers of business and industrial storage systems. With distributors in over 60 countries across the globe, ‘made by Hänel’ is synonymous with ‘quality and pioneering technology’. Their innovative approach to lean-lift industrial systems and heavy-duty industrial carousels have boosted ROI on company’s investments.

As a trusted Hänel distributor, Hi-Cube is intimately familiar with the capabilities of their products. Hi-Cube members will calculate the incredible time savings that come with using these systems, and how it translates into cost savings. Hi-Cube will even be able to forecast the date your automated storage retrieval system pays for itself.

Need more information? Get in contact with us and arrange a free consultation. We can answer all your questions, and help you take that important first step toward maximizing your unused space.


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Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Heavy-Duty Carousels

Maximize costly warehousing space by up to 60% with this high-density storage system.

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Lean-Lift Systems

This first-class, high-tech system brings the requested part automatically to the access...

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