Hi-Cube’s Core Service Offerings

Hi-Cube does more than just sell and install storage systems. Long before the work begins, storage consultation is a critical part of the process. We work closely with you to design the perfect storage solution for your immediate requirements while considering your budget, priorities, and future needs.

Hi-Cube has built a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace by offering system design, engineering, code consultants, permit coordination, and project management.

We will assign one of our storage specialists (with experience in your specific market) to work with you from start to finish. Our Specialists are trained to provide you with different solutions according to your space and budget. We’d love to help make your project run easier and smoother for you and your team!

For more information or to start your project, contact a Hi-Cube representative by phone  (604) 946-4838 or on our website’s Contact Us page. Use our past experience and extensive knowledge base to kick your project into life and get the maximum value for your time spent working on it. We’ll help make your project a resounding success!

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