Custom Engineered Storage Products

Every warehouse has different storage needs and yours might be radically different than others on the market. You might carry unique products, have a differently shaped space, or have an idea that will make your business more efficient. No matter where you look, you can’t seem to find the exact product that works for you. This is where Hi-Cube can help – with custom engineered storage solutions.

Working alongside British Columbia Licensed Engineers for assessment and design approval, let Hi-Cube work with you to create the custom storage unit that you need. We are experts in racking and storage solutions and will be able to create a system that increases efficiencies and meets your unique needs.

We don’t just prioritize a system that works – we keep safety at the forefront of our designs, so you can enjoy your new storage solution without fear. Hi-Cube designs all racking and storage systems to meet current code requirements for seismic compliance. We also stay up-to-date with all Seismic Retrofit Guidelines. We also provide a slab assessment to determine the strength of the foundation the racking will be built on.

Your project engineering assessment will be included in the quote stage so all project costs are known up front. We want this project to suit you needs at a price that you can trust. Are you ready to finally have a custom engineered storage solution that meets your needs? Contact Hi-Cube today; we’re excited to get your project (and materials to be stored) off the ground.

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