Warehouse Layout Design

Custom Warehouse Structure Design to Fit Your Business Needs

The design consultants at Hi-Cube will work with you to provide a total need’s assessment. Your facility or warehouse layout will make the most use of your space while still providing safe and easy access. Your project design will include the fitment, layout and functionally of the storage system that best suits your operation. Our designers will show you the multiple solutions that are available and how each solution will work best to solve the challenges you face.

Your system design will remain flexible as we are always planning for future growth. Our designers ensure compatibility of your new storage system with the current systems you have in place. If appropriate, we will also create a design to maximize the repurposing or reuse of your existing shelving, racking and storage components.

Project design services include forecasting the projected cost for completion. We will work with you on establishing a budget that fits with your process and can provide leasing costs if that is required. Our Project Critical Path analysis includes a tangible plan of project stages, CAD drawings, and diagrams.

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