Modula Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Staying at the forefront of the market means being able to embrace the changing conditions with preparedness and efficiency. Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS) provide many benefits, including:

  • Better, more accurate inventory control and fewer physical inventory inspections.

  • Cutting down on building costs by utilizing the ‘dead air’ space already in your warehouse.

  • Enhanced security, customer service and product protection.

As a proud authorized Modula dealer, Hi-Cube offers the most advanced Vertical Lift Module (VLM) and vertical lift technology on the market. These systems recover up to 90% of your floor space by maximizing the use of your facilities’ vertical space. The Modula Vertical Lift Module saves time and increases employee productivity by simplifying accessibility to products and goods. This minimizes employee travel through the warehouse.

Modula’s automated technologies are designed to be simple and efficient to use. The products are equipped with a touch screen interface that makes the learning process straightforward for new operators. This also reduces the deployment time.

By bringing the goods to the operator, Modula products improve warehouse safety. There is no longer the need for employees to climb, stretch or bend to retrieve products or goods. Instead the whole retrieval process is supported by the machine.

Modula products are made in the USA allowing us to deliver a VLM system months ahead of our competitors.

We offer 4 Modula Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems to suit any need:

  • Modula Lift - a vertical lift module designed for storage of heavy goods.

  • Modula OnePick - a fully automated vertical warehouse equipped with a Cartesian robot that operates on 2 axes.

  • Modula Slim - a vertical lift module designed to be deployed in small spaces.

  • Modula WMS software - a complete inventory management software designed to be used in conjunction with Modula VLM or as a stand-alone tool for a traditional warehouse.

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