Hi-Cube provides professional customized storage solutions for businesses and individuals who want to maximize storage space and efficiency.

For over 40 years, we have led the industry by offering cutting-edge storage solutions and warehouse racking with a broad range of products that service organizations, businesses, and individuals in need of high-quality engineered solutions and implementation including:


Efficient shelving systems and flexible storage for academic and sports departments.

Museums & Archival Storage

From preservation cabinets to art print display racks, we have the storage systems you need to preserve & expertly display your collections.

Healthcare & Wellness

Day-use lockers and sterile cabinets catering to health and wellness clinics, spas, occupational health, fitness, and healthcare professionals.

Public Safety & Military

Personnel duty lockers and weapon lockers for all levels of law enforcement and border services.


Optimize your warehouse with top-tier pallet racking and shelving designed for superior product storage.

It’s all about your space. 7,000+ projects in 40+ years

“How can you help me organize and maximize my vertical space?” We are asked this every day. For over 40 years we have helped clients frustrated by their shortage of storage space.

When you invite us in, we will ask you to explain your vision and goals, along with the frustrations that are holding you back. We will return with a unique plan and budget designed specifically for you.

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