Viking Preservation Cabinet 920 Series

Viking preservation cabinet displaying museum collections in glass case.

When you need safe and versatile storage to keep your collections preserved and pristine, look to the Viking Preservation Cabinet 920 Series to provide you with the perfect solution. The Viking Preservation Cabinet 920 Series boasts a sturdy, modular exterior and interchangeable interior panels in order for you to customise the cabinet for your unique needs. It’s perfect for museums, archives, libraries, and other institutions where the long-term preservation of collections is important.

The Viking Preservation Cabinet offers exceptional adaptability, allowing it to evolve seamlessly with your collection. Its configurable design ensures easy adjustments as your needs change over time. Like all of Spacesaver’s museum products, the Viking Preservation Cabinet is made of heavy-gauge steel with reinforced welded construction. The closed-cell gaskets and three-point latching system will protect your collections from dust and other contaminants, while the exterior’s non-off-gassing powder-coat paint finish will add durability and a clean appearance to your space.

How the System Works:

Spacesaver’s viking museum collection storage cabinets are used worldwide to protect collections at prestigious institutions and have been thoroughly tested to ensure that items inside remain unharmed in the event of fire or water damage. Read more about the testing process here.



  • Adjustable and reconfigurable interior.
  • Modular sizes for easy relocation.
  • Accessories for any collection.
  • Array of installation options, including high-density mobile systems.


  • Heavy-duty welded steel.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Five-year warranty.

Proven Performance:

  • Maintains stable micro-climate for optimal storage conditions.
  • Increased protection in extreme conditions such as fire and smoke.
  • Water mitigation.

Want to learn more about the Viking Preservation Cabinet 920 Series? Download the info sheet. If you still have questions or would like advice, please contact us at Hi-Cube for assistance.

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