Day Use Lockers

Unlock Safe and Secure Personal Storage
Spacesaver day use lockers in an office, alongside a stylish yellow couch.

Spacesaver Day Use Lockers cater to both assigned and day locker needs, providing a diverse selection of dimensions and styles to enhance your business's safety and aesthetic appeal. Thanks to modern locking solutions, including ones that don't require carrying a key, your users will feel confident leaving their belongings in a Spacesaver Day Use Locker. Customize your space and enhance your aesthetic while providing secure personal storage with Spacesaver.

Spacesaver Day Use Lockers are steel-framed, engineered, and tested for durability and reliability and come with a five-year warranty for your satisfaction. They’re also easy to clean and maintain and are sustainable for the environment, as Spacesaver steel products contain about 89% recycled material. Moreover, Spacesaver Day Use Lockers can be moved and reconfigured to suit your needs. The design’s durability is enough to maintain its structural integrity through every redesign you undergo.

With a variety of options and combinations to choose from, you have a nearly limitless ability to create something truly custom for your space. Choose between steel or laminate overlay doors, pick your finish or paint colour, decide on a size, and add the final touches with our lock options, including RFID, keypad, combination, keyed, or hasp locks. Spacesaver Day Use Lockers also offer built-in locker walls, partitions that can help divide a room, and island lockers to provide extra seating or a work surface. As a bonus, you can include power accessories that charge users’ phones and laptops while keeping them safely stored.

If you are interested in learning more about Day Use Lockers in Vancouver, we can help. Hi-Cube has been the exclusive authorized dealer for Spacesaver in B.C., Canada, for over 25 years. Reach out us today!

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