Pallet Racking

Vancouver Pallet Racking and Warehouse Shelving Solutions

When researching pallet racking or shelving storage systems, people often use the words ‘racking’ and shelving’ interchangeably – but they are two different systems with different functions. The best way to determine which one you need is to think of racking or pallet racks as being used with forklifts or lift trucks. Shelving is typically used for walking and hand loading by your staff from the floor. Luckily, you’ll find both here at Hi-Cube.

You know that you need a pallet racking system (or maybe you call it pallet shelving) for your warehouse or facility, but how do you get the ball rolling? What kind of options should you be considering? Are you interested in new or used pallet racking? Do you have to worry about permits and getting your racking solution inspected? And what’s this about making sure your pallet racks are “seismically certified”?

Pallet Racking Options

Find the type of pallet racking and warehouse shelving that works best for your company right here at Hi-Cube. We are always happy to help you get started and offer recommendations on warehouse racking. Check out our options below to determine what system best suits your needs and to learn more about each one. You can also request more information by contacting us and filling out a form or giving us a phone call.