ActivRAC – Automated Storage System

Mobile Racking Storage Systems
ActivRAC system in motion, shelves sliding to maximize storage space efficiently.

Your warehouse or distribution centre needs to be able to store many products and materials while using your space efficiently. Mobile racking storage systems can help you to store large amounts of products and make them more easily accessible.

Hi-Cube is a proud supplier of Spacesaver Mobile Storage Shelving. Each stable and durable mobile storage carriage handles a minimum load of 1,000 lb. If you have heavier load requirements, we can engineer the systems to handle your product.

If you’re ready to create more efficiency and space within your warehouse, contact Hi-Cube today. We can help to create the mobile racking storage system that works best for you and your business. 


  • Frees up additional space within your facility.
  • Products are organized and efficiently stored within a manual shelving unit.
  • Add more product and improve operational efficiency.
  • Stable and durable – can hold a minimum load of 1,000 lb.

ActivRAC 7M

This system is an ideal choice for maximizing storage of small parts, tools, and supplies. The carriage system works with existing shelving and racking. Features include an integrated safety locking system to prevent movement while in use and adjustable gear ratios for ease of access. Each carriage supports up to 7,000 lb of material and can be installed on an existing concrete slab.

ActivRAC 7P

The ActivRAC 7P version provides motorized, push button rack control with a back-up battery unit for power outages. Side-by-side carriages maximize floor space and can be combined in any configuration. Aisle sensors and Photo Sweep ensure operator safety by preventing carriage movement while in use.

ActivRAC 16P

The ActivRAC 16P allows for storage of up to 16,000 lb per carriage for heavier items. This system provides the same push-button ease with sensors to prevent accidental motion.

ActivRAC 30P

When you need the maximum amount of heavy-duty storage, the ActivRAC 30P provides a state-of-the-art mobile solution. Each carriage handles 30,000 lb while increasing storage space and organization. Flexible designs maximize floor space and can be installed on the existing slab without additional structural footings.

Want to learn more about ActivRAC? Download the info sheet. If you still have questions or would like advice, please contact us at Hi-Cube for assistance.

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