Mobile Storage Shelving

Mechanical Assist Mobile by Spacesaver Storage

The Spacesaver Mechanical Assist storage system includes built-in tip protection with your choice of a synchronized drive or line shaft drive system. Matched drive ratios allow your storage to open and close with minimum exertion. Optional hub locks provide additional security from unauthorized access. The Mechanical Assist Mobile system can be upgraded to electrical power as your needs change. This system can also be reconfigured and expanded.

Download the Mobile Shelving brochure – Mechanical Assist Option here.

Choose from three different security options:

1) Sensors installed 20″ up from the carriage base.
2) Sensors installed at foot level will stop the carriages from moving upon sensing pressure applied at any location.
3) Infrared photoelectric beams will stop carriage if it detects a person’s movement in an open aisle.

Download Security options info sheet here.

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