Mechanical Assist Mobile

Mechanical Assist Mobile by Spacesaver Storage
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The SPACESAVER Mechanical Assist storage system includes built-in tip protection with your choice of a synchronized drive or line shaft drive system. Matched drive ratios allow your storage to open and close with minimum exertion. Optional hub locks provide additional security from unauthorized access. The Mechanical Assist Mobile system can be upgraded to electrical power as your needs change. This system can also be reconfigured and expanded.

How the System Works:

The Mechanical Assist storage system is mounted on wheeled carriages, eliminating the need for multiple fixed aisles and freeing up floor space for other productive uses. You can move the system by simply turning the ergonomically designed, soft-touch, three-spoke rotating handle. This handle allows you to move 4,000 – 10,000 lbs with only one pound of effort. 


  • Three times more space-efficient than conventional filing and shelving.
  • Easily operated by anyone in the facility.
  • Anti-Tip Protection complies with all seismic requirements.
  • Safety locks to prohibit unwanted movement and prevent the system from closing on an occupied aisle.
  • Optional hub locks for controlled access.
  • Can be upgraded for electrically-controlled operation.
  • Available in standard lengths up to 43 feet (13.7m).
  • Longer lengths are possible depending on system load factors.
  • The system has a minimum load capacity of 1,000 lb (1,500 kg) per meter.

Want to learn more about Mechanical Assist storage systems? Download the info sheet. If you find that you still have questions or would like some advice, feel free to contact us at Hi-Cube for assistance.

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