At Hi-Cube, our expertise goes beyond warehouse racking and storage solutions. With over four decades of experience, we’re dedicated to:

Collaborating with Your Business: Address your unique storage challenges with a complimentary assessment, ensuring solutions comply with code officials.

Supplying Quality Product Lines: Partnering with reputable manufacturers, we provide reliable products that stand the test of time.

Expert Installation: Our in-house, licensed, insured installation team ensures a seamless setup.

Documentation and Compliance: We guarantee correct documentation in applicable codes and municipalities for peace of mind and insurance compliance.

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Why Choose Hi-Cube?

Our commitment extends beyond resolving current challenges; we keep you ahead of storage industry trends. With a longstanding presence, we assist with current issues and stand behind the solutions delivered over the years.

  • Are you running out of storage space in your office or warehouse?
  • Do you need to condense your storage and free up space?
  • Are you moving to a different location and need new storage for your files or inventory?
  • Do you want a solution that will help you stay within budget and at the same time increase your productivity?

Learn More About Hi-Cube

Explore our legacy since 1980, when founders Peter Crichton and Larry Robertson established a 2,000-square-foot office. In May 2019, Hi-Cube transitioned to new ownership, led by the principal of North American Steel, Rolf Fabricius, and North American Storage, Jonathan Hirst. Today, Hi-Cube continues to thrive in Western Canada, delivering top-notch products and unparalleled customer service.