Building Permit Coordination and Consultation

So, you’re undertaking a huge task – building a new structure. Congratulations! Whether it’s a new warehouse, house, or business, you’re taking an exciting step towards a new stage. One of the most confusing parts of this process is figuring out permits and codes. You don’t want to risk having your project cancelled due to violating important processes.

Luckily, Hi-Cube is here to help. As a fee-based service, we provide building permit coordination and consultation. We’ll take care of all the documentation needed for building permits, ensuring that you’re legally sound as you grow your new building. If we believe that a code review is required, we will also arrange for intermediate code consulting. This assures, when you’re applying for permits, there are no surprises within the process. We’ll streamline the process so you can get to the exciting building sooner, and with a sound mind.

Working with an outside consultant for your building permit and code needs has many benefits. First of all, you’re ensuring that everyone involved in the project until its completion is being kept safe and having their health kept top of mind. You’re also working with experienced contractors who have helped people in your position before reaching success with minimal bumps in the road. We’re also transparent about all costs and fees up front, saving you from hidden costs that should jump out if you choose to do it all yourself.

Ready to have your building permit coordination taken care of? Contact Hi-Cube today; we’re committed to making your permit and code consultation as smooth as can be.

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