Hi-Cube Storage Products

Ensuring that you get the most from your warehouse equipment is our job at Hi-Cube. Helping you find better ways to utilize your space is what we do every time we work with a client. Our solutions help clients find more productive or safe methods for their workers, and therefore improve your business far beyond the bottom line.

Hi-Cube is a distributor of many different types of pallet racking and shelving solutions. We have sourced, among many different suppliers, the best quality and pricing for our customers.

We store the most popular brands and sizes of pallet racking/shelving in our 10,000 sq.ft. warehouse. If you are trying to match your existing racking or want to find the right solution for your storage, we will be able to provide you with options including used, new and semi-new pallet racking/shelving.
Some of the brands we carry are: North American Storage, Interlake, Konstant, Mecalux, Redi-Rack type , Mastorack, to name a few.

Call us if you have questions about the type of racking you currently have.