Fabric Covered Buildings

Permanent & Temporary Fabric Buildings

Space—maintenance, cost, durability, and expandability—is a major concern for any business owner. Custom portable shelter buildings from Hi-Cube Storage Products provide economical and functional storage, and maintenance facilities, whether you have outgrown your current facility or are building an operation from the ground up.

An Economical Alternative

Completely Customized Portable Structures

The storage professionals at Hi-Cube Storage Products can custom design a temporary portable shelter or a permanent modular building to suit your specific needs. We offer standard sizes from 32′ and 50′ wide and have built custom structures up to 160′ wide. We can give you all the open space you need. Each portable building is individually engineered and designed to meet all your requirements as well as local building codes.

High-Quality Durable Fabric Material

Our economical portable building system is composed of an engineered tubular steel framework, covered with a durable, flame retardant fabric. This special vinyl and polyester weave fabric, designed and manufactured in Europe, is conservatively rated for 10 years. Field tests in tropical and arctic temperatures have shown no degradation of the fabric structure’s performance over time.

Our translucent dome roof provides plenty of interior illumination, even on dull overcast days. No foundation is required, though you may choose to use a concrete pad. The only requirement for our building system is level ground.

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