Mezzanine Pallet Rack Systems

Maximize Warehouse Space

Your warehouse has so much room for potential beyond the existing floor space. Many warehouse, distribution and storage buildings have unused space above rooms or working areas that are empty for tens of feet up to the ceiling. What if you could use this space to better serve your employees and customers?

Warehouse mezzanine systems and platforms can instantly elevate the efficiency of your warehouse or distribution centre. You can use these systems to create much-needed room for new products or working space.

How The System Works:

The professionals at Hi-Cube Storage Products can build a mezzanine floor above your existing pallet racking by installing special supports at the top of the storage system. We can also design a system from the ground up. You can choose to leave out the beams below the mezzanine for a more open workspace or opt for a true multi-level storage system.

There are three options for flooring material: bar grating, roof decking, and plywood. To ensure the safety of warehouse personnel, we’ll install gates and handrails on the upper levels. Stairs provide easy access to upper levels and walkway systems can be installed between the mezzanine rows.

Some of the benefits of mezzanines pallet rack systems are

  • Customizable – choose your flooring material, determine what you’ll be using the space for, and add or subtract items as needed.
  • Flexible – reconfigure the space as needed to meet the changing needs of your warehouse.
  • Expandable – easily change the layout or add more to it as your business grows.
  • Cost-efficient – maximize the use of existing space to save on the cost of renting, buying, or building more space – not to mention saving on utilities for a new space.

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