Mezzanine Shelving

Structural Shelving Supported Mezzanines for Warehouse Environments
Aerial view of Mezzanine Multi-level storage in a warehouse

A shelving supported mezzanine from Hi-Cube Storage Products is designed using lower-level shelving to partially or fully support a floor system overhead. This is accomplished by installing special supports at the top of the storage system which supports a particular floor system.

We can install a flat top floor on your existing shelving or design a system from the ground up. These are ideal where there is a lot of small part storage in very limited space. Whatever your mezzanine needs, Hi-Cube can help with our expert advice and solutions.

How The System Works:

The flooring can be provided from a number of options from bar grating to roof deck and plywood. Handrails, gates, and stairs are also used to access and provide safety for personnel using the system. This type of system allows any upper-level storage equipment to be moved around and reconfigured at any time with the lower level being installed in a permanent fixed location.

Another option is to extend the shelving up and install a walkway system between the rows of shelves. In either case, you can double your storage capacity.

Some of the benefits of mezzanine shelving are

  • Double your available floor space through efficient use of existing shelving in your facility
  • Increase productivity
  • Avoid or minimize moving expenses
  • Minimize disruptions during installation
  • Avoid the need to rent, build, or purchase additional space
  • Avoid or minimize additional property taxes
  • Optimize use of existing heating, ventilating, and cooling systems
  • Provide demounting and relocating options
  • Provide expandability for future growth

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