Modular Warehouse Office

Mezzanine Offices: Portable Building Solutions and Self-contained Environments

Modular offices allow you to instantly create self-contained environments that match your exact specifications. Ideal for expanding your existing warehouse to accommodate additional staff or reconfiguring your floor plan to support new workflows, mezzanine offices are easy to reconfigure, relocate, and reuse.

Pre-Fabricated Modular Building Systems, Designed to Meet Your Needs

These functional, multi-purpose in-plant offices can be used to create temporary or permanent offices, first-aid stations, lunchrooms, meeting rooms, and much more! Multiple modular office components can be joined together and stacked to create a multi-story complex. There are an infinite number of configurations to suit your needs!

Mezzanine Offices: Efficient and Cost Effective

Fully-functional mobile offices allow you to maintain day-to-day productivity, even during renovation or construction, so you can meet important deadlines and avoid expensive extensions that eat into your profit.

When you need to renovate your existing warehouse, temporary pre-fabricated modular buildings minimize the disruption. If you need to expand your facility as your business grows, permanent pre-fabricated modular offices will give you the extra space you need. In both cases, modular office systems can be constructed in about 1/3 of the time as traditional stick-framing construction, saving you time and money!

Whether you need a single portable office trailer or a complex of several modular buildings, pre-fabricated modular offices and portable buildings are a flexible and cost-effective option. You pay only for what you need, only when you need it!

Secure, Comfortable Warehouse Offices

Construction, renovation, and expansion can be messy and inconvenient for management, staff, and contractors. Modular office construction allows you to create professional and clean work spaces where your team can perform comfortably.

Our pre-fabricated shipper’s offices don’t feel temporary or shoddy. These custom-designed structures integrate with your existing space seamlessly and allow you to keep the focus on productivity.

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