SPACESAVER Art Print Display Racks

Art Racks and Canvas Holders from Spacesaver
A room filled with an assortment of paintings displayed on art racks, creating a visually captivating atmosphere.

When you’re storing valuable art, the last thing you want to worry about is losing it, whether that be because of disorganization or coming into contact with something that could potentially ruin it. Hi-Cube has you covered with Art Print Display Racks from Spacesaver.

Double your art storage capacity with Art Print Display Racks that are easy to operate with a hand-controlled manual racking system. We also offer Canvas Holders to maintain even the most delicate of artwork. You can mount them on your floor or ceiling, allowing you to adjust your commercial art rack to your storage space.

How the System Works:

If you choose to select ceiling mounting, the Hang-Glider Pro panel system reduces vibration and is equipped with a deceleration control, which slows the panel movement to eliminate sudden stops and protects your delicate art pieces.

The Spacesaver Art Print Display Racks help to have all of your art remain accessible while saving storage space and keeping all of your art safe. Contact Hi-Cube today so we can get started in getting the commercial art rack that works for you.


  • Increase storage capacity while keeping your collection protected and organized.
  • Six main types of systems to choose from for a custom solution.
  • Ceiling-Supported Pull-Out Art Rack system features low vibration, sway prevention, and controlled deceleration.
  • Lateral Art Rack features maximum accessibility, easy integration, and collection protections.
  • Wall Mounted Art Rack/Art Screen can be combined to create installations of virtually any size, which helps when large works need to be stored.
  • Floor-Supported Pull-Out Art Rack is an excellent option when a facility’s floor can handle the weight of the system and stored artwork.
  • Carriage-Mounted Art Racks can be mounted on mobile carriages to integrate framed art storage into new or existing storage systems.
  • Modular Pull-Out Art Racks can be installed without permanently affixing them to ceilings, walls, or floors.

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