Wheelhouse Mobile Storage

Heavy Duty Rolling Cabinets for Maximized Space

The Wheelhouse rolling cabinet system is a high-density modular mobile system that gives you the maximum adaptability and durability to obtain the most from your available storage space. In addition, the Wheelhouse Mobile system can be expanded, relocated, and reconfigured as your storage needs evolve.

At Hi-Cube, we design and supply mobile storage solutions that meet your unique needs. Allow us to show you the wide range of mobile storage solutions that add to your storage capacity and reduce unused floor space.

How the system works:

The SPACESAVER Wheelhouse rolling cabinet has a welded rigid chassis system that rides lower, giving you extra storage in a low profile. A chain tensioner provides smooth, adjustable operation and an anti-drift brake system come standard. Options include shelf dividers, suspended compartments, wire shelving, and lockable doors or drawers.

Some of the benefits of the Wheelhouse rolling cabinet storage system are:

  • Interlocking, interchangeable components make it assembles more simply and reconfigures easily.
  • Exceptional strength and stability.
  • Low profile chassis allows you to store more in less space and still be building code compliant.

Ready to get your storage system started? Learn more about rolling cabinet storage and configure the system that works best for your warehouse with these helpful pdf downloads. If you find yourself still needing some advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Hi-Cube for assistance.

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