Drive-In Rack

Drive-In Pallet Racking Systems
A forklift mounts a stack of boxes in a warehouse, showcasing the drive-in racking system.

What sets the drive-in racking system apart from regular racking systems is that front to back rails are replacing standard beams to support the pallets. Lift trucks can then access pallets by driving into lanes from one or both ends.

Find the perfect drive-in racking system for your needs at Hi-Cube Storage Products. We will help you find the new or used drive-in pallet racking system that best fits your warehouse needs. We can also help you design the right system to maximize your space and manage your inventory efficiently. From small warehouses to large, industrial distribution centres, Hi-Cube Storage Products has the solutions for you.

How the System Works:

The drive-in racking system maximizes storage capacity against a wall. Pallet loading and retrieval happens from the same aisle and is best used where the last-in first-out principle is acceptable. This system can increase storage space by 75% or hold the same amount of pallets using only 70% of the space as before.


  • Lower cost high density storage allows for a large number of pallets of the same product.
  • Fewer aisles thanks to having multiple pallets deep and 70% higher storage density.
  • Selectivity – one designated product per tunnel.
  • Ideal for slower moving, single designated products per tunnel.
  • Ideal for cold storage as no moving parts reduces capital and operating costs of refrigeration.
  • Pallets are stored on angle rails, using less vertical height and potentially allowing an extra pallet level.

48“ Load Face

SB 4“x 54“ 2“ NOM. 17.9
SB 4“x 56“ 3“ NOM. 18.4
SB 4“x 58“ 4“ NOM. 19.0
SB 4“x 60“ 5“ NOM. 19.5/
SB 4“x 62“ 6“ NOM. 20.1
— LOAD RAIL BEAMS (with Cleats) —
SB 3“x 54“ c/w 2 cleats 2“ NOM. 16.8
SB 3“x 56“ c/w 2 cleats 3“ NOM. 17.3
SB 3“x 58“ c/w 2 cleats 4“ NOM. 17.8
SB 3“x 60“ c/w 2 cleats 5“ NOM. 18.2/
SB 3“x 62“ 6“ NOM. 18.7
Frame* Space**
40“ Face 48“ NOM. 48“ NOM.
48“ Load 42“ NOM. 38“ NOM.
SB 4“x 58“ 4“ NOM. 19.0

*Frame depth based on pallet depth

*Row space based on product overhang

Want to learn more about drive-in racking? Download the info sheet. If you still have questions or would like advice, please contact us at Hi-Cube for assistance.

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