Pallet Flow Racking System

Efficient and Cost Effective Warehouse Racking Systems

Flow Means Easy Access and Increased Efficiency!

Flow rack systems use gravity as a free power source, making them an extremely cost-effective solution that keeps your pallets, cartons, and business moving! Flow systems cut labour costs up to 75% when compared to static shelf racking systems. That’s efficiency you can bank on!

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Carton Flow Racks for Easier FIFO Monitoring

With pallet or carton flow racks, when one pallet or carton is removed from the picking station, the next one in-line rolls or slides to the front on a slightly inclined rail or rollers. The next pallet or carton is automatically ready to be picked by the operator! With a first-in-first-out (FIFO) system, your inventory is easier to monitor and always within reach.

Flow rack systems are a perfect option for warehouses of all sizes. They allow you to store and retrieve inventory as efficiently as possible while maximizing your floor and vertical cube space.

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Hi-Cube Pallet Racking

One call to Hi-Cube and you’re well on your way to answering these questions and any others that you may have. Hi-Cube has decades of experience with helping thousands of companies find their ideal pallet rack shelving solution. Serving Greater Vancouver and beyond, we’ll come to your location, have a look at where you need pallet racks to go in, and then come up with a tailored solution that fits your space and your budget.

Choosing a Pallet Rack

Hi-Cube will even help you determine what the loads are that you will be placing on your pallet rack storage system, help you match your new purchase to your existing rack system and even provide you with an engineered solution for seismic certification (something all Lower Mainland businesses with pallet racking now need to have). There is a number of racking choices available as well as additional questions to find answers for, such as engineering considerations, permits and even getting a concrete flooring report before installation can occur.

Used racking may be an option to consider and can be an economical solution. Our sales representatives can help determine the suitability of used pallet rack for your project.

Let Hi-Cube help you with finding the best pallet racking system and safely install it for you. Browse our line of pallet racking storage products below and then contact us to get started.