Secure Weapons Storage & Gun Cabinets

Custom Weapon Storage Solutions
Police station hallway with Spacesaver gun lockers on wall.

Maintaining weapon security used by police and safety personnel is critical for your facility. Your weapons storage lockers must be secure and reliable while also allowing convenient access for authorized personnel. Using the weapon locker for your firearms will allow your facility to keep weapons accessible and provide your personnel with the security they require.

Spacesaver provides the perfect solution for gun storage needs. You have a durable and secure locker system that works for a multitude of weapon types while also providing a professional level of secure weapons storage. Ammunition can also be safely stored in the same systems.

How the System Works:

Gun storage solutions can be designed to work in a variety of Spacesaver lockers. The lockers are available in numerous sizes with many additional features available. Solutions include storage for handguns, shotguns, rifles and Electronic Control Devices (ECDs). Gun lockers can be floor or wall-mounted, according to your needs. Floor-mounted units may be installed as double-sided with lockers mounted back to back for high-use areas.

Lockers can be designed with individual combinations or keys, with a master lock for easy inspections through a front panel. Digital locks provide another option for security. Modular Spacesaver systems permit the use of numerous accessory features with interchangeable options, allowing end-user configuration. Lockers are manufactured with all-welded construction and have a powder coat finish to add durability.


  • Gun storage to suit your specific needs.
  • Get better security with professional-level storage systems.
  • Durable, versatile and safe storage solutions.
  • Choose from stand-alone gun lockers or lockers incorporated into custom duty locker systems.
  • The Universal Weapons Rack combines versatility and flexibility with adjustable racks for all sizes of weapons.

Other sizes are available. Contact us.

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  • Width – 13”
    • Height – 14 ⅛”     20 ⅛”    26 ⅛”
    • No. of Compartments – 2      3      4
  • Width – 25”
    • Height – 14 ⅛”     20 ⅛”    26 ⅛”     32 ⅛”
    • No. of Compartments – 4    6    8    10

All sizes are available in surface or flush mount.