Captin Toyota

Case Study

Canadian Autoparts Toyota Inc. (CAPTIN) is a producer for Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America Inc. The company manufactures 7,000 aluminum wheels each day for Toyota vehicles. CAPTIN was looking to eliminate the offsite storage that was in use and return the storage to the plant. The company was requesting quotes from suppliers for a Mezzanine but after evaluating what the customer’s needs, our representative decided an ActivRAC system was the best solution.

The Problem

The current storage area was 68 feet by 51 feet. The parts department was using all 3468 square feet of existing floor space, leaving no remaining empty storage space to house the current offsite items. This storage system consisted of static shelving and a small mezzanine area.


A representative from Hi-Cube met with CAPTIN and analyzed the efficiency of the current system.
It was determined that a new Mezzanine was not the ideal solution. This choice would limit what could be stored and would require city permits. The full evaluation also revealed that this change would not improve storage efficiency. Our Hi-Cube representative suggested using an ActivRAC system.






An ActivRAC system provides storage for both pallets and small parts. The fist part of the system involved the installation of 10 rows of mobile racks, each with three bays, and four rows of static shelving.
The new ActivRAC system requires 1/3 of the former space used, reducing the needed area to 1,000 square feet. Hi-Cube was able to use 90% of CAPTIN’s old shelving and install it on the mobile ActivRAC system. The company only needed to purchase 10% in new shelving material, creating a savings of nearly $30,000. Our crew dismantled the old shelving as part of our complete solution.
The load limit for the new shelving bay is 7,000 lbs.

The second portion of the solution involved the installation of 12 bays of pallet racking. This system includes safety mesh backing panels that prevent items from falling onto walkways. The pallet racking provides the storage for the items that were previously being stored offsite.
Hi-Cube installed wire mesh decks with 2″x6″ wood where necessary on the pallet racks to meet the loading capacity required. This system did not require additional permits as the city does not consider the decking a fire hazard.