Centennial Foods

Case Study

Centennial Food Service, with locations from Winnipeg to Vancouver Island, came to Hi-Cube Storage Products when then needed to upgrade their Edmonton Alberta warehouse racking system for their Dry Goods, Cooler and Freezer products.

With an already established colour coded system for particular beam levels that was successfully used in their Richmond, BC warehouse, they wanted to keep the operation in Edmonton working with the same organized method. With the Hi-Cube Interlake racking system, colour options allow for corporate and design features to be embedded into any warehouse operation.

The Interlake bolted racking system used in the Edmonton warehouse offers easy replacement of damaged parts which can save thousands of dollars over time. The Interlake system also includes the self locking beam connection, eliminating accidental beam dislodgement, and making Interlake well known for its engineering and racking design.

The Centennial Food Service cooler/freezer operation creates at times a slick floor, so end of row and tunnel bay guards were employed for added protection. These added features save costly downtime due to damage replacement.

“I like the service and attention to needs; being proactive to issues during work projects, and solving issues that require thinking outside of the box”

James Nicholson, Warehouse Manager at Centennial Foodservice