Earth and Ocean Sciences UBC

Case Study

Hi-Cube’s installation at Earth and Ocean Sciences Department at University of British Columbia is a great example of how we are a one stop solution to solve unique space issues.

Getting a lot more into very little space, organizing the materials they had, and keeping the items secure were just some of the requirements that had to be addressed.

7 different product solutions, all designed, supplied and installed by Hi-Cube Storage Products provides the most efficient use of this 1,400 sq ft space.

2 sections of Interlake roll-formed Cantilever Rack, 3 rows of Interlock bolted Pallet Racking. 2 carriages of Spacesaver mobile shelving with Rousseau Mini-Rack and 3 carriages of Spacesaver mobile shelving with Rousseau drawers are installed (there are approximately 700 Drawers in this design)

To create a secure space the perimeter is enclosed with a 40 foot long free standing Portafab wall on the rear of the system, 3 retractable roll up doors on the left side, and metal cladding on the right side.

This system was designed for heavy loads and the carriages were engineered for uneven loading.

Now that… is “Storage Solved”