Porsche Bruce

Case Study

High End Vehicle Dealer in Vancouver acquires Mobile Storage Solution

At the moment this Porsche motor vehicle dealership was constructed in the Vancouver, BC region, appropriate tire warehouse consideration was an after-thought. As soon as they realized the significance of this much-needed area, they issued the only readily available space in the building–a compact mezzanine above the tire leveling out section of service center–for their tire supplies.

With restricted mezzanine floor area, techniques to stash the tires included floor stacking as well as conventional fixed tire shelves. In either alternative, tires needed to be manhandled and also needed restrained accessibility, permitting a compact stock size.

Enter in Bruce Middleton, from Hi-Cube Warehouse Merchandise Ltd., a certified Spacesaver Company wholesaler. He suggested another warehouse alternative that will enable the dealership to completely boost the mezzanine floor area potential, at the same time permitting 100% ease of access. ActivRAC, an easily transportable racking approach, provides departing storage as well as offers a portable method to regain wasted aisle space. A single moving aisle substitutes several aisles needed by fixed racking.

Assured of the advantages, the dealership picked ActivRAC for their tire storeroom remedy. The method managed to double the quantity of tires kept in an same amount of space, in comparison with fixed racking. Additionally, the dealership is currently capable of keeping extra tires in inventory for special sales events, lowering the possibility of lost sales to the competition.