Revelstoke Museum

Case Study

When the Revelstoke Museum and Archives in Revelstoke, BC needed improved Archival storage, the museum contacted Hi-Cube Storage Products for a proposal. The original request was for a mobile shelving storage addition in three small rooms.

When Hi-Cube arrived to perform an inspection of the facility, the company determined that a different area would provide more efficient and effective storage for the museum’s needs. Hi-Cube discussed the options with museum representatives but the major concern was staying within the museum’s budget. Using the alternate space would cost more than the funding available.

Hi-Cube continued to analyze the available options and still found the secondary solution to provide the best area for installation of a mobile storage system. There was a need to overcome the existing budget restrictions.

In order to stay on budget, Hi-Cube worked to reconfigure the two different existing systems so that they would work as one complete system. Prior to installation, the Museum staff cleared the area, painted, and installed additional lighting.

The Result of the New Storage Solution

After installation, the Revelstoke Museum was able to reduce the storage in the original three rooms and use them for other purposes. One of these rooms has been turned into an office area for Harumi, who is now very busy changing the location codes on the tags and in the databases.

“Fantastic job!, The service Representative, Dave Waggood, worked with us to ensure that we got the products we needed within our budget. The installation was fast and the installers did a wonderful job at fitting the components to our rather difficult space”, Cathy English, Curator at Revelstoke Museum.

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