Tree of Life

Case Study

The new warehouse facility for Tree of Life B.C. encompasses over 100,000 sq. ft. The newly designed building allows for pallet racking to 24’ high and no in-rack sprinklers. Hi-Cube Storage Products provided the Interlake bolted pallet racking system which uses the built-in locking pin mechanism ensuring there will be no dislodgment of beams along with the added benefit of easily replaced parts like upright columns should damage occur.

The two tone colour scheme improves forklift operator accuracy with the orange beams highlighted against the Vista Green uprights. This added benefit of colour combination helps operators to clearly see the pallet locations and work more efficiently within the system, saving time and money.

The use of Wire Mesh Decks where necessary and 2×6 wood elsewhere, is a cost effective way of adding safety measures into the warehouse operation. Tunnel bays offer a full 12′ high x 12′ wide clearance which provides open, visible, functional pathways throughout the warehouse for easy maneuverability.

To allow Tree of Life a smooth transition from the old warehouse to the new facility, Hi-Cube first installed the new pallet rack to allow moving of inventory, then dismantled and purchased back the used pallet rack from the old facility. In addition this process resulted in a cost saving for Tree of Life.