Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Hanel Rotomat Heavy-Duty Industrial Carousel

Compact Vertical Carousel Technology

Hanel Rotomat is designed according to the Ferris wheel principle (i.e. the goods are brought to the operator and not vice versa). This saves both time and space! The compact construction can easily increase floorspace storage capacity by 60%.

Built Strong for Industrial Impact

The Hanel Rotomat utilizes self-supporting steel plate casing with lockable sliding doors. This heavy-duty casing rivals the resilient materials used in the aircraft industry. The coating is impact-resistant and shock-proof, as well as environmentally friendly. Explore the various colour options to match the unit to your facility.

Easy Control System Integration

Using a powerful Hänel microprocessor, the Rotomat can be integrated with 3rd party computers and devices, allowing for superior control and monitoring.

Intelligent Safety Features

Hänel safety threshold switches and light-barrier curtains promote optimal safety for Rotomat operators. All carousels are also German GS Mark and Swiss SUVA Inspection certified.

Practical Applications Include:

  • Distribution warehouses
  • Heavy-duty lifts
  • Small parts storage
  • Electronics
  • Medical technology and storage

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