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An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Where as traditional millwork is fixed to the building's structure, making it difficult to modify or repair, Modular Casework is easily moved, modified, reconfigured, and repaired on site. There is no need to toss old casework or reception centres into the landfill! For these reasons, businesses interested in sustainable environments and cost savings love these products. Modular Casework is a customizable, durable, and visually appealing option for administrative offices of all kinds in healthcare, academic, government, and archival facilities!

Customizable Spaces that Will Evolve to Meet Future Needs

Offices can be configured in infinite ways and each industry presents unique storage challenges. Modular Casework is the ultimate solution!

Because Modular Casework is totally customizable, it can accommodate the unique equipment and network cabling needs in offices, laboratories, classrooms, libraries, museums, and government facilities. The versatility of Modular Casework offers endless possibilities for making the most of any workspace. And because you can add, remove, or reconfigure the pieces at any time, Modular Casework will adapt as a business evolves and expands.

Function and Fashion - A Worthwhile Investment!

Modular Casework is made of ultra-durable materials with easy-to-clean surfaces and sealed-edge finishes. This high-quality product will withstand years of intensive use, all while making your space look elegant and welcoming.

This product line comes in a variety of finishes to create visually appealing and functional spaces from the ground up or to coordinate with existing décor.

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